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Chhaganlal Dayaljee Gold SIP Scheme

Chhaganlal Dayaljee Jewellers (CHD) now brings you an exciting new Gold Systematic Investment Plan "GOLD SIP". Designed especially for you, GOLD SIP ensures that buying jewellery is not a strain on your budget anymore. Instead of paying at once for the jewellery you choose, you can pay in installments over a period of time. This makes buying jewellery not only easier but also a pleasure. GOLD SIP also brings you a host of other benefits. Just have a look at the existing offer.

Scheme Details

Scheme Details for Gold Jewellery

Scheme Type You Pay (₹) No of Months Total Amount Paid (₹) Bonus (₹) Total Amount (₹) Time Period
11 + 1 3000 11 33000 2100 (70%) 35100 After 12 months

Scheme Details for Diamond Jewellery

Scheme Type You Pay (₹) No of Months Total Amount Paid (₹) Bonus (₹) Total Amount (₹) Time Period
11 + 1 3000 11 33000 3000 (100%) 36000 After 12 months

Terms and Conditions

  • Rate as on Date of Delivery.
  • No Cash Refund allowed.
  • Gold Coins Cannot be Purchased.
  • Monthly Installments to be paid on or before 10th of every month failing which the scheme will be extended by a month for every default.
  • Members can pick up Gold / Diamond Jewellery in the 13th month after successful completion of the scheme tenure without any default in monthly payments.
  • Payments can be made in cash and credit card cheques and post-dated cheques. In case of a bounced Cheque Rs. 500/- per cheque we would charge.
  • GOLD SIP is valid for a period of 12 months only.
  • Value addition/wastage/making and stone will be charged based on type of Gold/Diamond Jewellery.
  • "GST will be charged extra".
  • No bonus will be paid on preclosure of Scheme by the member. A member will be allowed to take Gold / Diamond Jewellery only for the amount they have paid.
  • Members are requested to preserve their membership card receipts and submit it in proper condition at the time of purchase of Jewellery against the accrued amount at the beginning of the 13th month.
  • Bonus will be paid after the completion of 12th month.
  • This passbook is the only document to identify the customer. The bearer of the passbook will be deemed the owner of the same for the same for the purpose of redemption and hence the passbook has to be signed and retained safely by the customer. At the time of redemption the passbook has to be submitted by the customer the holder of CHD SIP to the showroom (and his signature on redemption has to tally with the specimen signature in the passbook).
  • Customers are requested to redeem their Gold SIP accounts within 1 month from the date of maturity.
  • Customer is requested to thoroughly read all the conditions given in the Gold SIP and ask for clarifications before enrolling into the scheme.
  • At the time of redemption/premature/closure Customer ID is Mandatory & the account holder has to personally come with the original passbook and effect the maturity/redemption/closure.
  • No account/balance transfer shall be made under the scheme to another person other than the original account holder.
  • In the event of loss of the original passbook duplicate passbook can be issued-only if the customer provides an indemnity letter and all necessary identity proofs as required by the showroom. Showroom shall not issue any duplicate passbook unless they are satisfied about the authenticity of the claim for duplicate passbook and only if the customer presents receipts given to him by the showroom in the past with address proofs. In all cases administrative charges of Rs 100/-will be charged.
  • The Scheme cannot be clubbed with any other scheme running at the time of redemption and no discount are applicable for Gold SIP.
  • All disputes will be subject to Jamshedpur Jurisdiction Only.

Scheme Details for Both Gold & Diamond Jewelleries

Scheme Details
Programme Tenure Installment Per Month in ₹ Bonus on Jewellery Purchase in ₹ Final Redemption Price in ₹
11 Month 3000 2100 35100
11 Month 4000 2800 46800
11 Month 5000 3500 58500
11 Month 6000 4200 70200
11 Month 7000 4900 81900
11 Month 8000 5600 93600
11 Month 9000 6300 105300
11 Month 10000 7000 117000

Orders cannot be placed for jewellery redemption. You can only choose ready jewellery under this scheme.

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