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About Us

Chhaganlal Dayaljee Jewellers (CHD) is situated in the heart of the steel city of Jamshedpur from where it has gratified people’s need for jewelry for all occasions for the last 106 years. These years of uncompromised quality and sincere service, has earned Chhaganlal Dayaljee several generations of customers. A trusted name in the eastern region and beyond but most importantly innumerable relations to share joyous occasions with. True art has the power to capture hearts and it is through their art of jewelry that Chhaganlal Dayaljee has captured hearts across generations, classes and boundaries.
However these relations didn’t come easy. In 1918 when India had witnessed a pioneering entrepreneurship in the emergence of the steel factory, a humble young man from Dhrol, Gujarat came to the steel city of Jamshedpur in search of work. This man, Shree Chhaganlal Dayaljee opened a jewelry shop under a tin shed in Bistupur bazaar with just a small some of fifty rupees in his pocket. He soon discovered that jewelers were commonly considered unfair and from then on he set to prove it wrong. The jeweler in Indian tradition suggests an auspicious presence and is a cultural symbol of prosperity and happiness. Shree Dayaljee rooted deeply in this tradition served his customers with quality because he wanted them to experience the purest form of jewelry. His efforts showed results and drew people not only from the surrounding towns and villages but also beyond the east, from as far as Punjab and Maharashtra.
Today in extreme globalized market conditions, Chhaganlal Dayaljee (CHD) still stands for same values of trust and purity espoused by its founder with a blend of modern spirit. Therefore the store was renovated in 2000 and keeping true to their ancestral enterprise started the first diamond counter and introduced hallmarked jewelry to the city of Jamshedpur. Also became the first to provide certified diamonds by the world no.1, International Gemological Institute, who later awarded CHD for the best quality diamonds in the eastern region.
Institutional honor has only vindicated the generations of faith that customers have held in CHD. Shree Dayaljee had believed in the purest form of jewelry and today the support, love and bond of our customers and artisans have made it into brand CHD which implies TRUST, PURITY and TRADITION.


CHD was founded on the principles of quality and purity. We believe in the cultural role of the jeweler in serving people throughout their joyous moments and celebrations of life. We encourage true craftsmanship because we believe that pure artistry touches the innermost corners of hearts and binds the strings of relations ever more closely.
We are rooted in our traditional values and also reach out to the youth since they are the future who will carry this forward.
Most importantly, we at CHD believe that quality is not only in the substance we provide but is enhanced by the hearts that serve our customers across boundaries.
We wish CHD to be a brand synonymous with ASSURANCE, TRANSPARENCY and PURITY.


El Dorado, the mythical city of gold has historically attracted people across the world since ancient times. The search for dazzling purity and natural quality in extravagant and simple forms has been numerous.

  • CHD seeks to satisfy the desire for simplicity, extravagance and utility under one roof.
  • CHD hopes to be the REAL place where the search for quality and purity ends.
  • CHD strives to maintain the generations of relations that customers have sustained across borders and also form newer bonds with younger generations.
  • CHD works towards developing its image as a trusted brand name which is able to transform with changing times yet never compromise on its founding values.

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